Rampless Hydraulic Trailer

These units are ideally suited for transporting carts and nursery stock from/to the field to/from the nursery, greenhouse or garden centre.

- All units are custom designed to customer specifications
   ie. To accommodate four 4446HDNC Carts, the trailer width is 90" and 263" long
- Primed and Painted
- Expanded Metal Mesh (raised or flattened)
- Solid Sheet Steel
- Checker Plate
- U Channel
- Or a combination of two of the above
Wheels And Hubs:
- Standard - 6 Bolt Rim And Hub With Tire (6PLY) 11L x 8" x 15" Rated At 5000 lbs.
  (Floatation Implement Tires)
- Each unit is equipped with four rims/hubs/tires and 4" x 16" hydraulic system mounted on two sets of trunions bronze bushings, and harden axle
- Ask us which rim, hub and tire combinations are best suited in your environment
What Are They Made From:
- All steel construction, with mesh (raised or flattened), solid sheet steel, or checker plate decks
- Painted
- Standard - Heavy Duty With Pin Hitch
- Tongue equipped with 3" x 10" hydraulic system and 5000 lb. screw jack system
- Standard 6000 lb. Capacity (Distributed Load)
- Optional 10000 lb. Capacity (Distributed Load)
- Custom Design Available For Other Load Requirements
- Trailer - Includes Mesh Deck (Standard Raised) Wheels And Tongue -
Special Features:
- Rack for extra shelves
- Retrackable Catwalks on both sides of trailer for easy access to deck and high reach areas
- Three hydraulic systems - designed to work independently or as one system from a tractor or an optional power pack system
- With shut-off valves on each hydraulic cylinder, trailer can be lowered in tilt fashon while having tongue elevated to aid in unloading fully loaded carts. Also with shut-off valves on hydraulics, trailer can be disconnected from hydraulic source while in its up (travel position) and be transported
- Cart restraint bar with pocket position to retain one, two, three, or full trailer load of carts
- High Arch Stablizing Bars - One Or Two
- Channel Deck For 4446HDNC Carts And Casters
- Checker Plate Deck For 22 Series Carts And Casters
- Personnel Safety Bar fitted to catwalk to allow outrider to ride on trailer
- Units are custom designed to customer specification and can accommodate from 2 to 4 units of large carts (4446HDNC or 4843SSFC) OR Can accommodate from 4 to 8 units of the 22" Series Carts (2253TC, 2259SSTC, etc.)