Back Row (left to right): Frank Mueller, Greg Fleet, Isaak Klassen, Rob Weinberger
Front Row (left to right): Brian DeJaegher, Cam Campbell, Chris Crowell


Back Row (left to right): Terry Platteeuw, Mike Ruppert, Mike Brindley, Pete Wiebe
Middle Row (left to right): Ena Fitz-Gerald, Pedro Friesen, Pat Abram
Front Row: Jeff Hanson


Back Row (left to right): Nancy MacDonald, Aaron Garrison, Marilyn Masse
Front Row (left to right): George Klassen, Doug White, Jake Friesen


Wellmaster began in 1987 with 20 employees and just over $3 million in sales. With a dedicated employee/owner group, Wellmaster has achieved and maintained a high standard for both products and customer satisfaction. Wellmaster currently employs 35 people at its 60,000 sq ft. manufacturing plant situated on 9 acres in Tillsonburg, Ontario.  

Wellmaster provides a full range of manufactured and/or fabricated products and has built its reputation on the highest quality standards at the best competitive prices. Wellmaster markets its machined products through a network of manufacturer representatives in the United States, Europe and India. Fabricated products are marketed directly to end users or through distributors in Canada, the United States and abroad.

Wellmaster's strength comes from its dedicated people who provide the highest customer service and have earned the company many awards

The company consists of five product groups: 

a) water well contractors 

b) environmental and monitoring consultants/contractors 

c) agricultural, greenhouse, and landscape end users, both domestic and export. 

d) general industrial end users both domestic and export. 

e) other manufacturers/wholesalers who require machine products both domestic and export. 

Wellmaster is equipped with automated and/or semi-automated machinery for its welding, fabricating, machining, and assembling operations. A complete quality assurance program is 
incorporated in
Wellmaster's information and control methods. 




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